7 reasons why you should build an attached greenhouse

If you’ve always wanted to build a greenhouse for your plants, then an attached greenhouse, sometimes called a lean-to, could be the best option for you. Apart from not needing a considerable amount of space and resources, an attached greenhouse also offers seven other advantages that both beginners and expert gardeners will enjoy.

An attached greenhouse is so-called because it is attached to the side of an already existing building, usually the owner’s house. The greenhouse, therefore, shares at least one wall with the adjacent structure. This arrangement offers the following advantages. (h/t to MomWithAPrep.com)


Greenhouses require resources like artificial lighting and water. Coursing these to a stand-alone greenhouse can be challenging, particularly, if the structure is far from your home. Just imagine all the extra effort and expenses that will go to installing and maintaining them. Supplying water and electricity to your attached greenhouse takes much less work. This is because it is attached to your house which is already equipped with both water and electricity.

Caring for a stand-alone greenhouse may also be hard during bad weather. This isn’t so in an attached greenhouse, which you can easily access from your home.


You likely have a good idea of how greenhouses work. They trap the heat of the sun, keeping a warm environment for plants to grow even in colder temperatures. You can take some of this heat and use it to warm your living space by adding a window between the greenhouse and your home. Just open the window once the temperatures in your greenhouse reach 80 degrees and feel the flow of warmth enter. Even without the window, the greenhouse can act as an excellent insulator from harsh temperatures and the elements.

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Home addition

If you’ve been thinking of expanding your living space, why not do it by adding an attached greenhouse? Not only is this cheaper (a typical home addition is about 40 percent more expensive than an attached greenhouse), it’s also a great way to maximize your space. By adding attractive chairs and tables, you can turn your greenhouse into a garden where you, your family, and your friends can hang out and unwind.


A greenhouse is a convenient space for your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables to grow even after outside temperatures have begun to drop. This effectively extends your growing season. If you are looking to become more self-sufficient by growing your own garden, a greenhouse will allow you to plant and harvest more safe and health-giving produce for yourself and your family.


Does the air inside your home tend to become drier the closer you get to winter? If so, simply opening the window between your home and greenhouse will add moisture to your living space and make it much more comfortable to live in. (Related: Building your own greenhouse to grow food and medicine is easier than you think.)

Increased home value

Your attached greenhouse can improve the look and appeal of your home, especially if it is built and decorated attractively. Arranging your plants and adding a cozy seating area are just some of the steps by which you can improve the greenhouse’s look and layout.

Home customization

If you’ve been looking to customize your home’s look for some time, adding an attached greenhouse might do the trick. You can’t go wrong with a simple and quaint design, but you may also opt for something that imitates your home’s existing motif. If you feel like being adventurous, why not go for something a little more unusual? As long as you have the inspiration and budget, your options are practically endless.

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