Lock and load: Take a look at these amazing survival guns

Lessons on prepping and surviving often entail a focus on self-preservation, especially during trying times such as societal collapse or being lost in the wilderness. Due to many factors that may catch you off guard, owning a reliable gun, or a couple of them, might come in handy.

In line with this, a Survival Mastery entry has stressed the importance of owning a good gun for difficult scenarios when your self-preservation skills might be challenged. Likewise, an article posted on the Skilled Survival website has listed a few helpful reminders in choosing the right survival gun.

Choosing the right gun may boost survival

Handguns are an essential part of survival as they provide enough fire power with relatively less bulk. Here are a few hand gun choices that could make a difference in your survival. (Related: Get in shape NOW because the Left won’t stop its assault on our heritage until they have America in a full-fledged civil war.)

  • Glock 19 (9mm) hand gun — Survival enthusiasts are recommended to carry a close quarters firearm that can be readily pulled out at the event of an emergency. The Glock 19’s small size makes it easy to carry and conceal.
  • .44 Magnum and .45 ACP — These handguns are particularly ideal in the wilderness setting where wild animals can ambush you any time. Both of these handguns can be used to scare away or even shoot deadly animals including wolves, coyotes, big cats and grizzly bears. Likewise, these handguns may even protect you from sharks and other sea predators.
  • Sig Sauer P226 — The Sig Sauer handgun is a common firearm staple among the police and the military. The handgun is valued for both its power and accuracy. It is also popular among arms collectors as it is one of the only few handguns that can accept homemade bullets.

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Like handguns, rifles and shotguns are essential must haves for preppers and survivalists. Here are a few examples of rifles that may boost survival during trying times.

  • Henry Arms AR-7 — This rifle is well-designed and built exclusively for survival purposes. The Henry Arms AR-7  is the standard issue survival rifle for pilots worldwide, in case they crash behind enemy lines. The waterproof rifle can also be scaled down into small parts, which enables users to carry it with relative ease.
  • .22 LR — The .22 LR is strong enough to crack a human skull. Likewise, it is a highly regarded for its accuracy, which helps the user shoot its target without having to worry about the effects of recoil.
  • AR-15 — The AR-15 is among the most popular rifles among survival enthusiasts due to its sheer power.
  • Remington 870 — The pump-action shotgun is a top choice among survivalists due in part to its destructive power and capacity to maintain an accuracy that is expected from firearms of its kind. Intruders – both animals and humans – can be easily deterred by this powerful firearm.

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