Remedies for radiation exposure: 7 natural treatments to have on hand in case of a nuclear attack

One of the risks of a nuclear attack is radiation exposure. The severity of the health effects depends primarily on the duration and amount of exposure. But whether the exposure was brief and potent, or drawn-out, radiation will take a toll on the human body. Fortunately, there are supplements and natural remedies that can reduce the damage. Keep yourself and your family safe by stockpiling these supplements. (h/t to

  1. Iodine: Having iodine on hand is a must for your thyroid gland, which is highly susceptible to the radioactive iodine-131. Stable iodine protects the thyroid gland by essentially filling it up and inhibiting the absorption of iodine-131, in turn allowing it to be expelled from the body. Potassium iodide is a decent option, but nascent iodine is better thanks to its high bioavailability. This means that the thyroid gland can easily absorb and utilize nascent iodine. (Related: Iodine for Radiation Exposure: Practical Solutions You Need to Know.)
  2. Chlorella: With a considerable iron content and moderate amounts of iodine, chlorella is another food that deserves a space in your supplement reserve. According to, chlorella is often taken by people undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy to support liver function and the body’s natural detoxification processes. But that’s not all – on top of easing the chemical load off the body, chlorella can boost the immune system, a good thing for anyone trying to fight off illness and stay healthy.
  3. Activated charcoal: A common sight in emergency rooms, activated charcoal is used to treat cases of poisoning or overdosing. This is because activated charcoal has the ability to neutralize and absorb poisons and toxins before they infiltrate your system, radiation included. The body is then able to excrete these harmful substances. Moreover, activated charcoal is said to neutralize up to 70 percent of its weight in toxins.
  4. Zeolite clay: By binding to toxins, zeolite clay assists in safely expelling them from the body. Zeolite appears to be similar to activated charcoal at first glance. However, what makes it different is that zeolite clay can be applied to the environment as well. In fact, zeolite clay was utilized as a decontaminant in Chernobyl and is even used by the U.S. military to line the floors and walls of their nuclear weapons facilities. So in addition to keeping you safe from radiation, zeolite clay can clean up your environment as well.
  5. Bee pollen: Similar to honey, bee pollen is a good source of health-supporting nutrients. Among these are vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. The abundance of beneficial substances makes bee pollen an excellent immune system-boosting food to add to your supply.
  6. Calcium and magnesium: You’ll want these specifically to defend your body against strontium-90, which both minerals are said to be highly effective against. As per, calcium and magnesium can diminish the absorption of strontium-90 by almost 90 percent. These minerals are typically counted as one because they’re best taken together instead of one or the other.
  7. Vegetable oils: The lipids found in these oils protect the body from toxins at a cellular level. Vegetable oils are at their most effective when they’re consumed immediately after exposure. The best oils for this purpose are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and hemp oil.

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By keeping all of these remedies in your stockpile, you’ll have considerably upped your chances of survival. Remember that preparation is the key to making it through anything the world has to throw at you. And nuclear war is no exception.

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