Is your weapon ready to go? Tips for keeping your .22 prepped for bugging out

As any serious prepper will tell you, some firearms are better than others when it comes to making it through a survival situation. While it may not be perfect, and even though it might not be as popular as the classic AR15 or AK47, the Ruger 10/22 can actually be a great part of your survival gear.

First and foremost, .22 ammunition is widely available and pretty affordable considering how expensive other types of ammo currently on the market can be. In a SHTF scenario, this will be particularly important – you can rest assured knowing that your caliber will be common enough to purchase (or scavenge if society has completely fallen apart).

In addition to having easily accessible ammunition, the .22 is quite efficient when it comes to hunting, which, of course, is another crucial aspect of surviving a SHTF scenario. The rifle is great for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels, and potentially even bigger game like deer if you are a trained and experienced shooter. In addition, using the .22 allows you to keep larger caliber ammunition like 9mm and 12-gauge in case you need to fend off more dangerous animals.

Of course, if you ever find yourself in the middle of a survival situation, chances are it won’t just be animals that you’ll need to defend yourself against. The Ruger 10/22 is also an effective weapon when it comes to taking care of threats posed by the bad guys – that is, hostile individuals or small groups of individuals that seek to do you harm. Notably, the Takedown version of the 10/22 can be separated into two halves and stored into a standard backpack, meaning that you can take this effective self-defense with you on the go. Indeed, portability will be incredibly important when SHTF. (Related: Here are ten good reasons to prep even if SHTF never happens.)

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Be advised that while the 10/22 can get you out of dangerous situations, it is not the most ideal firearm for defending yourself against well-armed and determined hostiles. If you are prepping for or find yourself in the middle of a situation where you are confronted by armed groups or militias, it’s best to choose a gun with a heavier caliber. The AR-15, for instance, is a much bigger and more effective deterrent when it comes to fending off armed attackers in a SHTF scenario. Furthermore, while using a 10/22 can help you with muscle memory, it will not prepare you for larger recoil that comes with heavier calibers.

As a general rule of thumb, remember: The Ruger 10/22 is good for self-defense in one-on-one confrontations, but not necessarily for confrontations with heavily armed groups or militias. (Related: Here’s how to stay safe and defend your bugout location when SHTF.)

Tricking it out

True preppers understand that in a SHTF scenario, the situation that you find yourself in can change in the blink of an eye. This is why customization is so important when it comes to firearms, and the Ruger 10/22 certainly isn’t lacking in that department either. Indeed, this rifle can be equipped with a number of accessories, from various optics that can increase the distance of an accurate shot, to slings that will make it easier to carry the gun from point A to point B.

Furthermore, the Ruger 10/22 can also be equipped with larger magazines (20-and-30-round magazines are available in addition to the stock 10-round magazines offered by Ruger) and suppressors, which make the 10/22 much quieter and give you an advantage in both hunting and avoiding the attention of hostiles.

The Ruger 10/22 may not often be thought of as a survival firearm, but make no mistake: This rifle should be strongly considered by preppers everywhere.

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