If you’re a woman and you don’t yet carry a gun, you need to see this eye-opening 22-second video

An off-duty female police officer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, avoided being robbed and possibly murdered a few days ago, thanks to a firearm she was carrying on her person during a late-night encounter with a would-be criminal who tried to approach her on the street.

Illustrating once again why the right to bear arms is critical for self-defense, the woman was able to quickly draw her weapon and fire it within seconds, preventing a man who had just exited his vehicle and bee-lined towards her from making her his victim.

Watch below the 22-second video of the incident, which was captured on surveillance footage and later went viral.

Had the woman been unarmed, she would have become a statistic rather than a hero

The suspect, as seen in the above footage writhing on the ground after being shot by the woman, reportedly died not long after being wounded. But the woman basically saved her own life in the process, and has since become a hero for her quick tactical skills.

Had she not been armed, however, the scenario likely would have gone much differently. The man clearly would have attacked her, and likely overtaken her due to greater strength, resulting in a robbery, rape, or worse.

But because she was carrying a firearm, the woman was able to prevent a real tragedy from occurring, while also delivering justice to her perpetrator – a perfect illustration of why Americans need to fight tooth and nail to protect their Second Amendment rights from being infringed by gun-grabbing tyrants.

Had the woman not been a cop, she almost certainly would have been a victim, since ordinary Brazilians aren’t allowed to carry firearms in public

The situation also would have likely gone much different had the woman not been a cop, seeing as how gun laws and Brazil are highly restrictive. In most cases, ordinary citizens, if they’re even successful in getting a gun permit at all, aren’t allowed to carry their firearms outside of their own residences.

This means that, had the woman not been a cop, she would have likely been unarmed, thus leading to her victimization.

Brazil relaxes gun control restrictions to fight back against wave of violent crime

Keep in mind that violent crime is actually so prevalent in Brazil that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro recently signed a temporary decree making it easier for ordinary citizens to buy them.

In other words, Brazil’s approach to creating less crime is to make guns more accessible – and precisely for the reason depicted in the above video.

“To guarantee citizens their legitimate right to defense I, as president, will use this weapon,” President Bolsonaro announced before signing his decree which, unless ratified by Congress, has an expiration date of 120 days from the time of its signing.

Under the decree, which is similar to an executive order here in the United States, Brazilian police will no longer have “discretionary” say over which citizens are allowed to buy guns, which President Bolsonaro says is too subjective of a process. It will also allow Brazilians to keep up to four guns in their homes or offices – though that number could rise on a case-by-case basis.

“Studies show that the better armed the population is, the less violence there will be,” stated Onyx Lorenzoni, President Bolsonaro’s chief of staff, noting that armed robberies of people’s homes have actually increased throughout Brazil as a result of gun control because thieves know that residents are likely unarmed.

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