If you get caught in a riot, do you know what to do? Tips that can save your life

Civilians are often unprepared when a riot breaks out. However, an experienced prepper already has a plan and several backup plans to ensure their safety even if they get caught in the middle of an ongoing riot. (h/t to PrepperBits.com).

The best advice for surviving a riot is to never get caught in one in the first place. However, if you find yourself stuck in an angry mob, follow the tips below to stay safe.

  1. Bug out before the riot starts. Monitor social media and the news so you can stay up-to-date with controversial issues, especially those that may take place in your neighborhood. These issues may trigger random violence as well as organized protests, which can become violent. If you think things are going to get out of hand, consider bugging out with your whole family. Get your bug out bags (BOBs), your valuables, food, and water and drive out of town. Waiting until things calm down might endanger your life.
  2. Bug out early in the morning. Any time after 4 a.m. is the best time to bug out. Most protesters will be sound asleep during this time to rest for the next round of protests. This is your cue to escape the city with minimal chances of anyone noticing you leave.
  3. Practice situational awareness. This means paying close attention to what’s going on around you so you can spot danger right away and plan accordingly. Be mentally tough during a riot to protect yourself and your loved ones, and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. (Related: Here’s how to tell when civil unrest is about to unfold in your city.)
  4. Don’t panic. You need to stay calm so you can escape safely if you get caught in a riot. There are many factors to consider, such as rioters losing their cool, police officers, and tear gas, and you need a clear mind if you want to escape without getting hurt.
  5. Don’t attempt to confront rioters. Rioters will most likely be fueled by anger and the last thing you want is to engage them.
  6. Don’t move against the direction of the rioters. Doing this means you stand out from the crowd, which makes you a target. Some rioters will think that you’re weak and afraid and they may try to attack you as you try to escape. Keep moving in the same direction as them, but do so at an angle. Wait until you find the right moment to escape.
  7. Stay close to the walls. If you’re not trapped in the middle of the rioters, stick to walls. If it’s night-time, stay away from light. Sticking to the sidelines gives you many opportunities to find an open door and take shelter. Keep a small but reliable flashlight in your EDC so you can move through dark streets.
  8. Always bring money. Keep some extra money in your Every Day Carry kit (EDC kit). If the rioters target you, hand over your cash. This might get them to leave you alone. Escape while they’re distracted.
  9. Look for an open building and hide there. If there are too many rioters to make an escape, look for an open door then lie low inside the building until things get back to normal. Take note that you may have to hide for several hours, especially since protesters usually get tired after 12 a.m. There’s also the risk that rioters may enter the building you’re in, but hiding when a riot starts could save your life.
  10. Don’t count on police officers for help. If you’re stuck in the middle of an angry mob, police officers may consider you as a potential threat since they’re on high alert. Trying to talk to an officer could get you arrested, so keep your head down.
  11. If the rioters are walking, walk with them and don’t run. If you try to run while the others are walking, you’ll be an easy target.
  12. If you have a gun, hide it well. If people look close enough, they may notice the outline of your gun under your shirt. This might draw the wrong kind of attention, which you don’t need in a tension-filled situation.
  13. Wrap a wet bandanna soaked in lemon juice or vinegar across your mouth and nose. This can help prevent tear gas from reaching your respiratory system. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt since exposure to tear gas will irritate your skin. If you don’t have a bandanna, wrap a clean piece of cloth around your face, but make sure you’re not exposing your skin.
  14. Know what to do if you get hit with tear gas. The moment you’re hit with tear gas, hold your breath so you don’t inhale it. Don’t rub the affected areas. Once you’re home, take off your clothes and take a long shower. Wash your clothes at least three to four times before you wear them again.
  15. If you’re in a car when you get caught in a riot, drive slowly. Driving too fast will only endanger your life and the lives of pedestrians.

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To avoid rioters, monitor the news and watch out for signs of trouble so you can bug out before SHTF.

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