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Leading survivalist reveals his top 5 handguns for preppers

Seasoned firearms owners who also happen to be preppers are well aware of what kind of handgun they prefer. As

Health Ranger nails it: Daily Mail now using his analysis that Russian “mole nukes” could cause massive tsunamis along U.S. coastlines

Last month the founder/editor of Natural News and, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported in a podcast that Russia

Real-life prepper moment: Midwest flooding shutting down roads and highways, making it impossible to restock store shelves

If you’ve been watching the news over the past several days, you know that much of the Midwest has been

Stunning archaeological find vindicates renegade civilization historian Graham Hancock, author of “Magicians of the Gods”

Everything we think we know about our planet, our civilization, our history and the origin of modern humankind may not be

Which combat rifle should you buy? Some of the most popular rifles may not be the best choice for you

In the normal course of events, very few people ever think about being in any situation where they would have

Here’s why you should keep your shelter preparations up-to-date and bugout bag close

Recent emergency weather events reminded me again of why it is important to keep our prepping supplies current and fresh,

Just like the Soviet Union, Venezuela is now on course to disintegrate into a morass of suffering – and violence

Though various leaders have tried implementing socialist and communist economic policies since they were first established by Karl Marx in

Be a better prepper: Simplify your life by getting rid of stuff you don’t want or need

If or when the time ever comes when you’ll have to leave your home behind in the wake of a

Nuclear war or civil war: The big cities will become cauldrons of violence and death – but you CAN survive

To many people, times are as tense now in the United States as they have ever seen them. Some older

Get out in the field and learn survival now – because you can’t do it “on the job”

For most people, it takes quite a bit of time to get set up as a prepper. Between learning about